Hello World

After years of trying to avoid it, despite of friends telling me to do so, I finally did it: I’ve started a blog! I figured, one more can’t do any harm, but maybe it can even do some good.

Who am I? I am Johannes Blobel, PhD student in computer science from Paderborn, Germany. My main research interest is on distributed, embedded systems and low-power communications (check out my university website for more information). In my spare time, however, I always have some hacking/tinker work going on and will post some of my projects in this blog. I am also interested in the history of computers and do some work for the worlds largest computer museum: The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF). And from time to time, I have projects, combining these two hobbys. So this blog will be mostly about my hardware projects and computer history. Stay tuned!

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